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Getting back


I’ve been out of the online scene when it comes to blogging for 3 months. I had to prioritize things with all the stuffs that are happening in my life and sacrificing my online world is one of it. I’ve been active thou to social media network especially Instagram. But anyway here I am and fully back and I am completely sure now that I found already the equilibrium between my personal life and blogging. I am not a professional one who can produce three to five articles in a week and this is my personal blog which gives me enjoyment upon sharing stories, partake some information and crazy ideas from the right side of my big brain.

So for the past 3 months, what have I’ve been doing? First and foremost I’ve been busy with work (gotta earn some living!). Second is school. I am studying Norwegian language, this is my second language to study, first was Dutch. And to tell you the truth it is not easy, especially when you have tons of exercises, tests and examinations to pass. So that was for the month of May and June and July was all about summer vacation!!! I spend half of it in Italy and the rest is in Lyngor, a charming island in the south of Norway. I can’t wait to blog my summer holiday this year. It was totally unplanned, unexpected, and the most memorable holiday I ever had. I believe this summer holiday will be my favorite and forever engrave in my heart. I did a lot of “firsts” in my life with the past three months.

I’ll be sharing all of them in the coming days. Yes, finally, I am back! 🙂


Bargain Season: Loppemarked

vintage camera from flea market. Loppemarked

Who doesn’t love bargains? I know we all do love it, especially Filipinos. Everyone would like to buy something cheaper, if not we will haggle. In the Philippines, bazaars or “tiangge” were in demand. Divisoria is the place to be for shoppers on a budget. Though mostly all products that are sold here are of not good quality and it’s either made from China or Korea, it is still desired by most Filipinos. And of course Ukay-Ukay, the best place to spot branded second hand items that are usually from abroad.

It’s not only Filipinos who have fondness to second hand. In Belgium they have rommelmarkt, a famous flea markets that is usually held on Sundays. Dutch have flea markets during the King’s Day celebration and everybody just go crazy when one item will only cost a euro. Germans Continue Reading…


How to say goodbye in Thai?

norway friends goodbye

One of the questions I forgot to ask her before she left today.

I was only 2 weeks in Norway when I met Fai. She just recently arrived too and was introduced to me by a common friend. She was from Thailand and the same age as me. We both came from asia, doing the same thing in Norway, enjoys shopping,  putting on makeups, trying out new things, visiting museums and going some places and most of all we love eating. Our likes and dislikes were practically the same, no wonder we get along easily.

When I first heard her speaking in Norwegian, I was surprised. How can someone recently arrived in Norway speaks so good the native language? She must be super genius. Well, Im wrong! Fai came to Norway as an exchange Continue Reading…


Filipina from Philippines

Life Abroad Filipina ofw philippines


Filipina Abroad. Some people might wonder what is a Filipina? Well, that is the feminine term used to call the native people from Philippines, where I came from. The Filipino is the masculine and much of a general term.

Just a quick info about my home country:

Philippines is a country located in the southeast asia and there are just 2 seasons: summer and rain. Metro Manila is the capital and it consists of about 7,641 islands. It’s the 12th most populous country in the world. The official languages are both  Filipino and English.

philippines world map filipina abroad

The Philippine is rich in history and cultural traditions owing to the fact that the country was colonized by Spaniards, Americans and Japanese. It inherited several traditions and religious customs and has more than a hundred festival celebrations that is conducted 365 days in a year. Can you just imagine how Filipinos love to party.

With its 7000 islands, mountains, volcanoes, and lakes, there will be no reason you wouldn’t love to travel around the country. Boasting its tropical weather, long white beaches, diverse and rich marine life are to die for. It is a paradise indeed.

So why go abroad and leave this almost paradise place? Continue Reading…