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King’s Day Madness

Kings Day celebration at Amsterdam canals

It will bleed orange again in Netherlands. Tomorrow will be one of the happiest day in Holland: Koningsdag (King’s Day)

King Willem-Alexander will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, 27th of April 2016. And everybody is invited to celebrate with him. Dutch people will go out in the streets, wearing their national color, orange and enjoy this holiday. Isn’t it nice to be the King of Netherlands?

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A trip to Fredrikstad Gamlebyen


Last Sunday I had a trip to Fredrikstad Old Town. Fredrikstad is a city in Østfold and just one and a half hour drive from Oslo. It is founded and named after King Frederik II of Denmark and the later stad means city. Fredrikstad is a cosy city and homes the best and prettiest preserved fortress town in Scandinavia. It is called in norwegian as Gamlebyen which means old fortified town. This is a much visited sight that was once an important trading center. Continue Reading…


Spring in Paris


Paris is always a good idea, especially on spring…

I was in Paris last year, early spring time. Spending my favorite season in the most well loved city of most tourists was splendid. Not to mention, it was an all expense paid trip.

Lovers enjoying the sun

Lovers enjoying the sun

Paris is a painting perfect during springtime. You will fall in love with all the explosion of colors, blue skies, blooming cherry blossoms, birds singing and beautiful flowers are just everywhere. There’s a magical feeling to see the first burst of colourful flowers after a long cold winter time. Continue Reading…


What Does The Fox Say?

What does the fox say? Rev at Hovedoya Oslo

Does the line ring a bell? It was the famous line from the song The Fox. The electronic novelty song and viral video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis.

beach at Hovedoya, Oslo NorwayYesterday, I explored by myself one of the island of Oslo fjord: Hovedøya and had a unique encounter with the wild fox. The fox is said to be living in the island and scares some tourists, but it has been observed to be stealing food from the visitors.

It was my first time to see a fox in real life and I was amused on how friendly it is. I never expected it will be so close to human and he doesn’t look so wild for me. Well this trip made me realize to never stop exploring and nature has always its own way of surprising you.

So what does the fox says?

I dont know either. Lets just listen to Ylvis and sing along with this fun and silly song.


Oslo free Pass

free oslo Pass

You heard me right, it’s FREE!!!

Tourist in your own city is an annual event conducted by Oslo city hall, VisitOSLO, Ruter and the museums and attractions. Oslo pass includes all 30 museums and exciting attractions in the city, free transport by bus, trikk (tram), t-bane (subway), boat and guided tours.

Inhabitants of Oslo will be given an opportunity to get to know more the vikings city. The said event is intended for  the locals to be good ambassadors of the city and a knowledgeable host for visitors.

The official travel site visitOSLO provided informations of the events schedule for that day, tips where to go with your kids and the time schedule for the guided tours in english. It’s better you check that out if you really wanted to see something specific.

So with all this museums, where should I go? I haven’t been to many museums and attractions here but I will share my top 3 picks that you must visit. Continue Reading…