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Getting back


I’ve been out of the online scene when it comes to blogging for 3 months. I had to prioritize things with all the stuffs that are happening in my life and sacrificing my online world is one of it. I’ve been active thou to social media network especially Instagram. But anyway here I am and fully back and I am completely sure now that I found already the equilibrium between my personal life and blogging. I am not a professional one who can produce three to five articles in a week and this is my personal blog which gives me enjoyment upon sharing stories, partake some information and crazy ideas from the right side of my big brain.

So for the past 3 months, what have I’ve been doing? First and foremost I’ve been busy with work (gotta earn some living!). Second is school. I am studying Norwegian language, this is my second language to study, first was Dutch. And to tell you the truth it is not easy, especially when you have tons of exercises, tests and examinations to pass. So that was for the month of May and June and July was all about summer vacation!!! I spend half of it in Italy and the rest is in Lyngor, a charming island in the south of Norway. I can’t wait to blog my summer holiday this year. It was totally unplanned, unexpected, and the most memorable holiday I ever had. I believe this summer holiday will be my favorite and forever engrave in my heart. I did a lot of “firsts” in my life with the past three months.

I’ll be sharing all of them in the coming days. Yes, finally, I am back! 🙂

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  • Reply Wes 23/11/2016 at 10:44 am

    Nice one Hannah! C’mon write some more articles please.
    Cheers small flying bzzzer.

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