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King’s Day Madness

Kings Day celebration at Amsterdam canals

It will bleed orange again in Netherlands. Tomorrow will be one of the happiest day in Holland: Koningsdag (King’s Day)

King Willem-Alexander will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, 27th of April 2016. And everybody is invited to celebrate with him. Dutch people will go out in the streets, wearing their national color, orange and enjoy this holiday. Isn’t it nice to be the King of Netherlands?

The Royal family visits Amsterdam

Every year the King and Queen, and other members of the Royal family visit one or several places in the country to celebrate together with the nation. And for this year the King and Queen will visit the capital city, Amsterdam! This must be really special as Amsterdam has always have the biggest and most attractive celebration every year.

Kings Day celebration at Amsterdam canals

King’s Day Celebration at canals in Amsterdam. Photo credit to http://dutchies.co.za/

All day, citywide street party

Wherever you are in Netherlands there will be local celebrations, not just the city the royal family will visit. I can remember way back 2014, when I celebrated King’s day at Eindhoven. It was a big music festival. There were 14 stages all throughout the city center with different genres of music. Popular DJ’s and music artists performs in this events, that is why tickets to this parties are often sold out before the day itself. Everybody is holding a bottle or a cup of beer and enjoying the festive party. Normally these parties started really early or the night before King’s Day. Expect people to be drunk just after 7 in the evening.

koningsdag festival breda

538 music festival in Breda, Netherlands. Photo credit to radio.nl

Treasure Hunt

If your not into parties and festivals, there’s no reason not to enjoy the celebration. It is a tradition every King’s Day to have big flea markets, its held on streets but mostly at the big parks of each city. Locals selling secondhand items for a really good price. Some items will just cost a euro or even free. Make sure to be early to get the best bargains. I really went gaga shopping for clothes, you’ll never get a nice Zara coat for a euro elsewhere! It is said that every year, Vondelpark in Amsterdam held the biggest flea market all over the country.

flea market in Wilhelminapark, Breda.

Early shopping at a flea market in Wilhelminapark, Breda.


Orange Fever

You’ll wonder why most people are wearing orange, from tops to pants and even accessories. Well, the Dutch royal family bears the name: House of Orange. And it literally means the color orange. As a result it has become Holland’s national color. On that note orange is almost compulsory and it’s rude not to at least splash the colour somewhere. Some people even wear orange wigs and occasionally the colours of the Dutch flag (red, white, blue) painted on faces or elsewhere. Bars and restaurants turn their interiors and exteriors with color orange. No orange in your closet? No worries, as there are plenty of vendors on the streets, selling orange hats, sunglasses and more. Being too crazy and creative doesn’t exist on this day.

Koningsdag Netherlands.Orange clothes

Ready to celebrate and party in Eindhoven.

Koningsdag orange sunglases

I partied with this orange windmills


The madness of King’s Day is solid proof of Dutch national pride, love for their King and just absolutely crazy to party! I totally missed celebrating this fun filled celebration with orange people.

Gefeliciteerd Koning Willem-Alexander!

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