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Bargain Season: Loppemarked

vintage camera from flea market. Loppemarked

Who doesn’t love bargains? I know we all do love it, especially Filipinos. Everyone would like to buy something cheaper, if not we will haggle. In the Philippines, bazaars or “tiangge” were in demand. Divisoria is the place to be for shoppers on a budget. Though mostly all products that are sold here are of not good quality and it’s either made from China or Korea, it is still desired by most Filipinos. And of course Ukay-Ukay, the best place to spot branded second hand items that are usually from abroad.

It’s not only Filipinos who have fondness to second hand. In Belgium they have rommelmarkt, a famous flea markets that is usually held on Sundays. Dutch have flea markets during the King’s Day celebration and everybody just go crazy when one item will only cost a euro. Germans have the regular flohmarkt during weekends. Its very popular for locals and tourists to visit in Berlin.  Unique antiques and limited collections were sold here. And in Norway, the loppemarked.

Fea market at Berlin germany. Antikmarkt

Antikmarkt in Berlin

So what is Loppemarked?

Loppemarked or short for loppis. It is a huge fundraising event for the school marching bands. There be numerous bargains across the whole country of Norway. It is often based in schools and they conduct this twice a year. Typically March and April during the Spring time and by September and October come Autumn.

Where do the items come from?

It’s from the community. Organizers of the event will be giving out flyers and infomercial notifying the neighborhood that they will be collecting their unwanted things to be sold. From clothes to books, shoes, bags, gadgets, furnitures,  everything is welcome. Usually the students and their parents, participate actively in this kind of events. There will also be drop-off points in schools and some community even have pick up drives. as not to hassle you bringing all the stuffs. These items will be sort out and then come weekend, be ready with your cash and some haggling skills, it’s Loppemarked day!

Bargain shoppers can either choose from regular stalls of products or attend the auction program, which was usually held on the last day. They conduct auctions for items with higher value, which I think is really great and clever. There were also foods stalls that offer coffee or cacao, polse, warm waffles and even cakes and popcorn for the kids.

Last weekend, I visited one of the loppemarked here in Ekeberg. I was with a friend and we were so amused by the items that were sold. It was organized and the items are with good quality. We had this big shopping bag, that only costs a 100 NOK and we can just fill it up with clothes that we want. They won’t even check how many or which items you’ve got. You just have to wisely fill it up. We had coats, cardigans, blouses, and dresses.

Whether you are a bargain hunter or not, I totally advise you to have a visit with your local loppemarked. If you love bargains and all cheaper things, I believe loppemarked is the best place. The quality of a products are not always compromised when you say it’s a secondhand item. You just need to have a keen eye in checking the product and patience in digging to all those clothes. And if you’re not fan of bargains, then just try to contribute to the marching band of the school and enjoy the camaraderie vibe of the event.

One man’s junk is truly another’s treasure.

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