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Spring in Paris


Paris is always a good idea, especially on spring…

I was in Paris last year, early spring time. Spending my favorite season in the most well loved city of most tourists was splendid. Not to mention, it was an all expense paid trip.

Lovers enjoying the sun

Lovers enjoying the sun

Paris is a painting perfect during springtime. You will fall in love with all the explosion of colors, blue skies, blooming cherry blossoms, birds singing and beautiful flowers are just everywhere. There’s a magical feeling to see the first burst of colourful flowers after a long cold winter time.

With spring sun giving a shimmer of warmth and sunlight, it’s an ideal time for your photo ops and selfies, as you have the sun as your very own light. During my stay, I’ve seen 4 prenuptial pictorials and a cool thing about that was 2 them are from Asia.

It’s still a best time to have a seat in a terrace of a cafe and read book. It was not too crowded yet. For a price of a one cup of coffee, I stayed in this lovely cafe the whole afternoon with no pressure to leave. And please don’t go to Starbucks, Paris has a lot of local cafe’s that are a  must try.

Jardin De Luxembourg on spring. Paris

Jardin De Luxembourg

One excellent way to enjoy the spring was to spend the day on one of the gardens. It’s not too warm yet to get a sunburn but it’s the perfect time for enjoying the sun. I went to one of the crowd’s favorite Jardin de Luxembourg. For me it’s the best venue to just seat and relax on the grass, have  picnics or eat ice cream and just enjoy the rest of the day.

Having the perfect weather in Paris is a budget friendly. I took advantage it and had a picnic in Champ de Mars, it’s a splendid park under the gaze of the Eiffel tower. No need to go to fancy restaurants, I just bought a baguette, with some ham, cheese and veggies with a good bottle of wine and it feels like I’m a Parisian having her lunch.

I also took a walk at the most famous avenue in the world, Champ de Elysees. Enjoying a vibrant vibe from L’Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde. Then head to Jardins de Tuileries. with its beautiful grand fountains all the way to the Louvre.

Spring is still a nice season to see the Eiffel tower light up. As days are much longer now, there’s still a chance  to view the magnificent changing colors of the tower, which is not possible during summer when the its bright until 10 in the evening.

The atmosphere was perfect as locals tend to be friendly. I can just imagine after a cold winter time, seeing the sun shines again will just brighten anyone’s mood. Take advantage to practice some of your French skills. Merci beaucoup! 

A gloomy and cold weather in Paris during spring

A gloomy and cold weather in Paris during spring

Early spring is still unpredictable weather. You might consider which clothes to bring and wear. Spring in Paris can mean a bright blue sky or a rainy and cool weather. I’m not a fashion stylist but I think it’s better to stick with the essentials. A nice little black dress (for ladies), a good walking shoes or ballerinas (no sneakers, converse is an exception), trench coat and finish it with a perfect scarf to match with everything. As what I also believe in, it’s not smart to sacrifice your comfort just to look fashionable even in this haute couture city.


Enjoy the rest of the spring time everyone! 

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