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How to say goodbye in Thai?

norway friends goodbye

One of the questions I forgot to ask her before she left today.

I was only 2 weeks in Norway when I met Fai. She just recently arrived too and was introduced to me by a common friend. She was from Thailand and the same age as me. We both came from asia, doing the same thing in Norway, enjoys shopping,  putting on makeups, trying out new things, visiting museums and going some places and most of all we love eating. Our likes and dislikes were practically the same, no wonder we get along easily.

When I first heard her speaking in Norwegian, I was surprised. How can someone recently arrived in Norway speaks so good the native language? She must be super genius. Well, Im wrong! Fai came to Norway as an exchange student when she was in her senior year in high school. She was adopted by a host family from Trondheim, a city from central Norway.  According to her, she was seating in this classroom, no one speaks English and she have zero knowledge of Norwegian. Everything is purely norsk (norwegian), from books, to teacher and classmates. There will be no excuse in learning the language within a year.

fai winter timeShe came back to Norway after some years. She love the culture, people, language and the country itself. She applied first for tourist visa. Aspiring to have a chance for work but luck was not on her side. It was a struggle to find work here if you haven’t taken the language exam. Yeah, Fai was good but she needs proper education in learning the language and she was running out of time before her visa expires. She resulted on becoming an au pair to a family here in Oslo. The relationship with the family didn’t go well after some months and now she decided to leave and consider a new life in Denmark.

Fai was the closest friend I have here in Oslo. It’s not easy to build up a “real” friendship abroad as trust will always takes time to establish. Even though its just 7 months since we met, we have each other as our go to person. Whenever there are difficulties, were always there to back up each other and we celebrate together in times of success. We battle against homesickness by being a sister to each other. She is more than a friend, more like a family to me.

This morning, I accompanied her to the train station, helping her carry two overweight luggages. It was not easy for me who was left behind, my best friend in Norway bids goodbye. But I know it’s more difficult for her, starting a new life and leave the country that she fell in love the very first time.

Copenhagen is just few hours from here and would definitely love to hang out with this girl from Thailand again. This is not goodbye but I will surely miss her.


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